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Requirements for residential trash removal:

Residential sanitation is picked up Monday - Friday.


  • Residents must have your trash cans curbside by 7:00 AM.

  • Empty cans must be removed by the end of the day of trash collection. 

  • Cans cannot be left at the curb or in front of the house in boxes or storage racks.


  • All residents must use an approved trash can of 20-40 gallons that have handles and a tight-fitting lid.      

  • Thus may not exceed 50 pounds.

  •  All trash must be in trash bags.

  •  Do not include any yard waste (leaves and limbs).


  •    Every resident within the city pays for the sanitation division to pick up three 40 gallon cans of residential garbage each week. 

  •   The City will dispose of washing machines, televisions, water heaters, mattresses, furniture and other items not considered normal household garbage for an additional fee. These items need to be placed near the curb neatly and a representative from Public Works will come by and price the items for disposal.  Please call (501) 362-5554 for a representative. Payment will be necessary before pick up.

  Yard waste (leaves, limbs and grass clippings) will be picked up at no charge. However,  this sometimes may take a while for them to remove, due to volume.

  •   Yard waste leaves can be bagged or can be left within 3 feet of the curb to be vacuumed.

  •   Grass clippings, Leaves, and pine needles need to be bagged. (If bagged, Please call to be picked up the next day.)

  •   Tree limbs under 6" in diameter may be placed at the curb for pickup.  The cut end must be pointed toward the street. 

  •   Limbs over 6" diameter will not be picked up by the City.