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Pick up procedure:

  In the event an animal is picked up by the Animal Control Officer, efforts are made to try to locate the owner and return the pet to the owner.  

  If within a reasonable time the owner cannot be located, the animal is taken to the Heber Springs Humane Society Animal Shelter for the proper care and shelter. 

  Animals taken to the shelter are generally held for 5 days which allows the owner time to retrieve the animal. Once the 5 day period is up, the Heber Springs Humane Society is allowed to put the animal up for adoption.  

  Owners retrieving the animal from the Humane Society will be required to pay a fee to the Humane Society.

  It is required by the state of Arkansas all pets (cat and/or dog) must have a rabies vaccine administered by a licensed veterinarian.  (See Arkansas State Board of Health Rabies Control Act)