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The recently enacted "Laura's Law" requires Arkansas police officers
responding to domestic violence incidents to ask victims a set of questions to evaluate their risk of being killed by abuse, such as whether the offender has ever used a weapon against the victim or controls most of the victim's daily activities. The assessment aims to help identify victims in severe danger needing intervention. Police will also present victims with a "Laura's Card," a document listing their rights and contact information for local prosecutors and shelters.

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To keep Heber Springs a safe city by reducing crime and maintaining livable and safe neighborhoods.

The Heber Springs Police Department serves the citizens of Heber Springs through crime prevention, criminal investigations and apprehension, neighborhood policing, and involvement through the schools.

Chief Bobby Walker



Real arrests for counterfeiters

Investigation continues 

By Louis Short


Four people are in custody after Heber Springs Police made arrests Tuesday for reportedly being involved in counterfeiting money. Just before 4 p.m. officers located the individuals in a hotel room at Quality Inn on the north side of Heber Springs.


Throughout the day Heber PD had received calls from businesses reporting receiving counterfeit money. A local bank turned over a suspect $50 bill and a local chain store turned over suspect $20s. Detective Sergeant Brian Haile is asking retailers to not wait when they receive fake bills. “Don’t wait until the shift is over to call us. Please call right away and get a vehicle description and tag number if possible.”


If you or your business has received counterfeit bills you are asked to call the Heber Springs Police Department at 501-362-8291. Since the case is still under investigation no names have been released in connection with the arrests.


Sun-Times Editor James Jackson forwarded a warning from Haile Wednesday about counterfeit money being past in Heber. More is out there and more is making it to businesses. You can refer to thesuntimes.com, or our Facebook page, for more information on how to identify counterfeit money.

on continues.